LizOthman on ASTRO Raya 2010 advert

My life during Ramadhan, as hectic as usual. Thanks to my ex-classmates of ITM AD Fashion '95 whom once in a while dropped by to my studio to lend their hands especially Rashid Hamid, Sharum Kama and Suraya Hanim Musa.

In the midst of the 'chaos' suddenly my husband showed me this advert from Harian Metro that somehow cheered me up a bit. As you can see the above pic, Tok Wan is wearing LizOthman (I was paid, am not sponsoring though hehehe..). I'm so proud really hihihi... Watch it here! note that all the kurung kedah was sewn by LizOthman except for the baju kurung in the last scene.

I bet lots of you had already gone balik kampung, so, drive carefully. Don't wait for me cause I really am not sure when will I be able to start packing... huhuhu!

Selamat Hari Raya!


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