Jubah For Girls

Alhamdulillah, I managed to arrive kampung a few hours before Eid's prayer after hand-delivered my last piece of baju kurung in Jitra at about 4 a.m. That summarize my Raya this year. Now I've arrived to my studio and all excited as ever. First, I got to finish a few pieces which I've left undone before Raya (thanks to my dear customers whom kind enough to wait), your orders will arrive soonest.

Then, finally I got all the time to design new collection. First, let me introduce the Jubah For Girls which I've been long to wait to deliver. I also would like to 'enter frame' a lil' bit by introducing my first ladies design which match the Jubah For Girls so you can play matchy with your little sweety (ooh.. so nice).

For your information, the design are all made-to-measure which I might require your measurement. By the way, the one you see on the pic is mine since I couldn't managed to make myself a baju raya this year, so I consider it taken (by me.. haha). while yours, I will make new ones.

So, mail me to order. Very limited material.

Till' then,



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