Kebaya 2010

Picture courtesy of Suraya Hanim Musa Ismail
Thanks, dear.

Hi allz,

Just to update what's happening in LizOthman recently. I was invited by a columnist of Wanita Magazine to feature in kid's fashion section. So, I've been busy designing a new collection of kebaya which have been left out from my collection for so long aside from other new designs. To give you a sneak peek on the design which will be featured on the Wanita's October issue, I present you the kebaya 2010.

I would like to express my gratitude to the models especially Qaira and Zara whom had brought justice to the clothes, be it Kebayas, Dresses, Gowns, Kurungs or Jubahs. For the parents, your supports are unparalleled. MissAmie and Sue, you are gorgeous.

You can also check out a post on Qaira's experience during the photo shoot here:

Till then, Cheers!


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