Hi ladies, just to inform you that I've just acquired a new domain name that is www.lizothman.com.
The URL will lead you to my usual blog, the only thing that is different is just I'm losing the 'blogspot' in my URL.

If you might noticed that some of the features are absence from the blog like followers list and your comments in my post, that is because Blogger.com is still working on the redirection to the new domain. You at your part, you don't have to do anything because according to them, it will take 3 days to fully redirect lizothman.blogspot.com to www.lizothman.com.

It is important for you to understand that I'm not purposely deleting your comments or the follower list but the transition process is inevitable. LizOthman is and will always place your supports and critics all this while at the highest priority.

For your information, thank you.



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