Khaki Kid

It's been 4 years and 3 months. Arif has grown up to be a little man. Look at the pic above, he is my baby. What has time done to him? I thought I still had a baby in my arms.

My intention was to introduce my latest design but after looking at the pic.. suddenly, I couldn't care less about editing it or to 'sell' it (maybe later; anyway the timing wasn't right; too little light) I think I miss my baby boy more than anything. 3 years from now he'll be in primary school, then one day he'll be asking for a hair gel instead of his usual milk bottle. And soon enough he'll be asking to move out from the house. Suddenly I get emotional by the fact that I won't have him to hold long enough. So I held him tight, only this time it's hard to let go.


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