Gypsy II - The Silky Blue Top

Dear valued customer.. hmm (sounds weird but I like it.. hihihi). Lately, my husband is too busy to operate his camera and I clearly an octopus hunting down by dead lines. So I told Sharum "Could you please take Natasha to the garden and bring along the camera? She will do the rest.."

Right after he nodded, I put my newly sewn Gypsy top and skirt on Natasha and combed her hair. She then looked at me with the face of refusal. I dig it right away since her favorite cartoon was on air. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to persuade her, so I gave her RM5 and told her "You go to the shop (near the garden) with uncle and buy anything you wish". She instantly put on a smile and grabbed Sharum's hand to lead him to the door. *God, forgive me for my sin*.

Anyway, I've been informing my customers that I'll replace the old gypsy top with a new material but never had the chance to show them. Now, I present you the Gyspy II. It's not only comes with the new material but with a lil' invention on the back where I put a simple strap so to give a more curvy look to the wearer. Hope you like it.



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