My Resolution

To readers,

It probably odd to set a resolution in the middle of the year but considering the requirement for LizOthman to be restructured for the sake of your satisfaction, I as the person responsible for every in and out of this blogshop feels that you should be made to understand about LizOthman now and then.

The Problem Statement.

LizOthman was first introduced on January, 1 2010. It was started as a hobby. Operation was at an entry-level pace where visitors are among close friends and family. Then, there came FaWa and Maya introduced me to the creative community of CraftZone Malaysia. Not only it opened my eyes wide to the electronic market place but beyond what I've ever expected was the acceptance of Malaysians towards LizOthman. Never in my life I felt so accepted in the society than in my last 6 months period. Allow me to express my gratitude to deservedly Maya of Started with 5 customers, the number grew to hundreds in a matter of months. I was overwhelmed and excited from the fact that I'm being accepted. However, as the time goes by, I realized that it is more than the 'glam', it is the responsibility I'm holding and it become harder and harder everyday. The order's delivery time had increased from two days to a week and now mostly 1 month before it reached you. The situation didn't make me any happier than I thought it would be, If I couldn't come out with something brilliant at mighty fast, I'll put LizOthman's future at stake. Therefore I decided to tell you what I've done and my plans towards providing you a better service.

As you probably read in my About page, I operated from my apartment, with very limited resources. I was assisted by Sharum for 3 months before he had to leave for a job which involved film-making. Then, I solely relied on my two-hands to complete the growing number of orders. To be honest, I had experienced devastation once. Not due to the 'rezeki yang melimpah ruah' but to the fact that I couldn't deliver as fast as I wish it should be, 2 working days. Thought, I haven't received any bad report so far but the guilt in me is making me uneasy at times. That later leads me to getting an untrained hands from a military officer every night. Maybe he couldn't stand with the hardship he saw I've drawn myself into, my husband offered himself to do some 'little' works as far as his hands can get into every after working hours. We forgotten already when was the last time we brought the kids to the swimming pool. That is OK because we found ourselves more bonded and be able to put a smile in our face for every job well done.

The Solution.

The best thing about running LizOthman is that we be able to identify our SWOT as we handled the day-to-day problems. From the analysis, we've came out with a few solutions that includes:

1. Bought a cutting table with a cutting machine. with this he be able to cut up to 60 pieces a time. Sweet!. This also means that we have to forget about dining table cause we'll be having our breakfast, lunch and dinner on the huge and not-so-good looking cutting table.. huhuhu...

2. Outsourced tailoring. I have an aunt who can sew to my satisfaction (and that is not at a satisfactory level, it's beyond.. trust me). My husband and I at times would argued about getting more tailors but I often refused due to the fact that I'm very particular about the quality of the deliverables. I'd rather die than seeing my collection in a miserable state. But i do somehow agreed to hire an assistant from the nearby sewing class student. But it still a plan thought, I've plan to make a visit to the class somewhere around the corner. That is also means that I have to buy an extra single-needle machine. By the way, I'm also happy to hear that Sharum is coming to town and did asked me once "Any job for me?".

Those were a few of my total plan. Should they materialized before July 2010, then I'll be the happiest designer alive. But before that happens, I really appreciate your patience and support and I'm truly apologize for any inconvenience I've caused, should there be any. I hope by now you are aware that LizOthman is here to stay with our improvements and plan. Have faith in us and keep on supporting Malaysian product!



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