My pride and joy. I was practically jumping in joy when this pink baby finally delivered, I named her PinkRoses as I try to stay true to my motto "A New Design Every Week" (well, I'm actually overdue by a few days.. huhuhu..). Pink is simply classic to the fact that green for some reason is the 'in thing' now among LizOthman customers. I have to be frank that this baby is not actually my new design, she was taken even before her birth. I was too busy completing orders this week (alhamdulillah) that I couldn't find time to make a new design (otherwise the waitlisting will become longer). A customer from Johor ordered this through a reseller and I don't really aware of the pricing deal among them and sorry cause I should keep the deal between me and the reseller P&C. But, you and me, we can make a new deal... right? mail me k?



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