LizKids - Customed Series

It's a true challenge for a parent to find a ready-to-wear kidswear that fits nicely to their odd-sized kid. Some kids have a longer legs than the other, some have a kate moss cut while most cases a bit chubby (I love chubby kids, they just adorable and 'huggable').

I would like to introduce my custom line where you can e-mail me your measurement and your preferred design. You can later choose which material to go with which and every little thing whatnots. And the most important thing, you got LizOthman label on top of it all.

The top pics are actually Kak Ninie's of Cheras orders which are the customized-version of LizKids Country blouse and Gypsy Queen's blouse to go with soft denim and stretchable cotton trousers.



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