BabyLiz - Denim&Patches (Limited Edition)

Due to the overwhelming feedback on BabyLiz collection, I sadly announcing that BabyLiz L.A.M.B series and Green are SOLD OUT!. I really appreciate all LizOthman friends and family whom have been supporting this blogshop since earlier this year.

I've been juggling between handling orders and creating new design this week, and I'm almost missed this very post. But apparently I managed to come up with this Denim&Patches which is my last month's idea sitting in my KIV's bucket for so long and finally, voila!. For the sake of all BabyLiz lovers out there, though I've discontinued the previous series due to limited materials, but I will come up with new design every now and then I promise.

Though I like to keep the previous price tag in this new design but I couldn't get rid of the material costs especially the denim. So, trust me, that's a pretty reasonable price, don't you think?

So, howl me up girls.. you still keep my number right?



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